Friday, June 24, 2011

Defense of Fortune: the Savior

★ Let's be the savior of the Fortune world.

"Defense of Fortune : The Savior" is Episode 3 of The Fortune Chronicle Series.
"Rebirth of Fortune" and "Sorcerer of Fortune" are in The Fortune Chronicle Series, these games were SRPG and Puzzle.
The Defense of Fortune is a new challenge as a defense style game.

★ The goal of the game

The goal is defending castles with request of every lord of castles in the world.
You have to defeat all of the enemies before tearing the castles down.
Save all of the castles from enemies and upgrade units and facilities with money which gained by defeating enemies.
Ultimately, eliminate the conspiracy of Ancient Dragon which is a mother of evil.

★ Rule of the game

1. You must defend the castle.
"Wave" is that monsters are approaching to the castle continuously.
There are about 18 to 50 monsters in a Wave.

2. You can use 8 units which are Soldier, Thief, Ninja, Knight as Assault Units and Archer, Healer, Gunner, Sorcerer as Long Range Units.

3. You can block the enemies by placing Assault Units on the field or Long Range Units on the castle.
You can upgrade ability of units with money.

4. The Healer gather The Ether to supply money without attack.
You Tap the icon above it, get some money.

5. The Sorcerer has the magic of Thunderbolt and Meteor with normal attack.
You need to see the magic icon above it.

6. The Catapult can attack many of the enemies at the same time.
You can upgrade It's capacity, accuracy, power, reload time with money.

7. You can build the tower on field side with a big money.
You can place long range units on the tower in the path of monsters.
It makes easy to defend castle.

8. If the castle durability gage becomes zero by the monster's attack, then the game is over.

★ Support to "Game Center"

Defense of Fortune supports to game center.
You can compete with another users all of the world.
Also try to achieve achievements hidden in the game.


  1. defence of fortune 구매 사용중입니다. 처음성 47번째에서 갑자기 튕기더니 이 후로는 처음성 거의 모든곳에서 튕기고 있습니다.

  2. 불편을 드려 죄송합니다 ㅠㅠ 메모리 오버로 의심되는데 혹시 아이폰 재시작해도 계속 그 증상이신가요?

  3. 예 껐다가 켜도 계속 그대로입니다. fortune 시리즈 모두 재미있게 하고 있습니다 ^^ 튕기는건 이번이 처음이라서 해결방법이 없을까요? 두번째 성을 몇판 해보고 와도 다시 튕기네요..

  4. 네 지금 의심되는 쪽이 첫번째 성 세이브데이터가 날아간 듯 합니다. ㅠㅠ 혹시 게임이 매우 바쁘게 돌아가던 중에(느려지던 중에) 유닛업글이나 성업글 버튼으로 화면을 이동하신 적이 있으신지요? <= 요걸로 판명나면 수정이 매우 쉬워 질 듯 합니다!

  5. 예 아마도 출근길에 버스타다가 급히 화면 전환이 이루어진적이 있던것 같습니다. 업글화면은 아니고 홈버튼으로 나갔던것 같습니다.

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  7. 혹시 세이브파일 때문이라면 복구 가능한 방법 부탁드립니다 ㅜ.ㅡ

  8. 네 최대한 수정하도록 노력하겠습니다. ㅠㅠ

  9. 버그 해결했습니다. 세이브 파일 문제 아니네요. 지금 수정해서 새로 업데이트 신청했으니 푸로님 조금만 기다려주세요~

  10. 업데이트 문구가 이상한데요. 업데이트 하면 안되나요?

  11. 네 문제가 생겼습니다. 절대 받지 마세요. ㅠㅠ

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